The Charmer – Interview

DIPLOMATA magazine interview by Szendi Horváth Éva

Winner of Junior Prima and Prima Primissima Prizes, pianist Tamás Érdi was only fifteen when he had his very successful debut playing Mozart’s piano concerto at the Budapest Spring Festival. At the age of seventeen he won the Louis Braille International Piano Competition in Moscow, and a year later he got first in Salt Lake City as well. During the years now 35-year old pianist has had concerts in 27 countries and released several CDs and DVDs.

Budapest Spring Festival

Budapest Spring Festival

Bach + Modern

Closing concert of the KOR-TÁRS series

When over half a century after his death Johann Sebastian Bach’s music was discovered by the wider public, it did not sound old, as formerly held: it was contemporary, lastingly current and modern. It is barely surprising that there has been no composer in the past two centuries who was not inspired by Bach’s music in one way or another.