Only those with a sense of vocation whose mother tongue is music, Mozart’s music, can play in such a manner.

Sandor Kovacs – New Music News, Bartok Radio (2000)

“My only contact with the audience is their applause and the silence … Only when I hear them starting applause do I sense how many people might be around me, how they react, whether they like me or not.

The very first reaction of the audience is decisive for me. If it fails, I remain alone with the composer. I’m sure every performer’s desire is to bring the composer’s ideas and notes to life, to convey them to the listeners as faithfully as possible. The more enthusiastic the applause is, the more inspired I become. Interestingly, the composer invariably comes to me, and I wonder how he hears my performance, and what he thinks of it, because I believe in this.

When the silence is so profound that I could hear a pin drop, the magic happens. Then I know it’s been a lucky concurrence, and I’ve managed to bring the audience together. And if they whisper to me that it’s a standing ovation, I truly know that it’s been worthwhile to convey the message in the notes, for I’ve shown them, “What’s the good of living without the works of Mozart and his fellow composers, even if we could?”

Magda Szabó declared,God sends us messages
through Tamás' fingers.

Like its predecessor, this stands as a permanent reminder that such despair can be combated and transcended. As such, it is a testimony to the courage and resiliency of the human spirit.

John Beversluis – American Record Guide (2001)

Tamás touches piano keys with much more sensitivity than those who can see. I believe that in his play, there is such sensitivity which is naturally not possible to reach for us. I dare say that this ability could be measured by Chopin’s standards.

Zoltán Kocsis – Parlando (2010)

In our opinion, not only is Tamas a virtuoso equipped with exceptional talent, but he is also an unprecedentedly sensitive artist, who is capable of deeply and impeccably grasping the intentions of composers representing any musical era or style. I sincerely believe that Tamas Erdi has earned a long-term position in the front line of piano artists in the world.

Antoni Grudziński – Musicologist, President of Fryderyk Chopin Assotiation, Warsaw (2009)